The Best Tattoo Studio for Female Artists in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city known for its vibrant culture and diverse population. This diversity is also reflected in the city’s tattoo scene, where female artists are increasingly making their mark. If you’re looking for a tattoo studio with female artists in Los Angeles, look no further than Timeless Tattoo. Timeless Tattoo is a female […]

Los Angeles: The City of Ink – Tips & Tricks for finding a studio.

Los Angeles is a city known for its many attractions, from Hollywood to the beaches. But there’s another thing that LA is known for: its great tattoo scene. With so many talented tattoo artists to choose from, it can be hard to decide where to get your next tattoo. If you’re visiting LA as a […]

Fri 13th Specials

This Fri 13th we will be having piercing specials and $31 Tattoo specials! Check out for news on the Fri13th flash specials! Piercings will only be in the purple area and only with titanium hoops provided. You can’t bring your own jewelry.Each single Piercing is $13, jewelry is included and there is a suggested […]

YouTuber Christina Fruth Gets Pierced at Timeless Tattoo

Drag to look around the shop while our piercer Chris Saint performs a medusa piercing on Christina Fruth or use your favorite HMD or VR Headset to get the full experience… If you’d like to get a piercing from our piercer Chris Saint feel free to walk in any day except Monday or give us […]

Welcome to Timeless Tattoo & Body Piercing Los Angeles

  Timeless Tattoo is located in the heart of Hollywood, CA and has been repeatedly voted the best Tattoo & Piercing shop in LA.  We pride ourselves on being friendly, approachable and clean.  Whether you’re planning a large piece or just thinking about your first Tattoo we’d love it if you stopped by our store so […]